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Sony Antenna Wire FM/DAB 175445911

Sony Antenna Wire FM/DAB 175445911

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Manufacturer: Sony

Manufacturer Part No(s): 1-754-459-11, 1-754-459-21

Wire Length: 2.2 Meters with 3-pin plug

Compataibale model No: AIR-SW10TI, CMT-BT60B, (HCD-BT60B), CMT-BT80WB, (HCD-BT80WB), CMT-CX4iP, (HCD-CX4iP), CMT-CX5iP, (HCD-CX5iP), CMT-CX5BIP, (HCD-CX5BIP), CMT-X5CDB, (HCD-X5CDB), CMT-EH20DAB, (HCD-EH20DAB), CMT-EH45DAB, (HCD-EH45DAB), CMT-EH55DAB, (HCD-EH55DAB), CMT-EC99i, (HCD-EC99i), CMT-FX20, (HCD-FX20), CMT-FX250, (HCD-FX250), CMT-FX350I, (HCD-FX350i), CMT-HX80R, (HCD-HX80R), CMT-SBT100, (HCD-SBT100), CMT-SBT300, (HCD-SBT300), CMT-SBT100B, (HCD-SBT100B), CMT-SBT300WB, (HCD-SBT300WB), CMT-SPZ90DAB, (HCD-SPZ90DAB), CMT-V75BTiP, (HCD-V75BTiP), CMT-X7CDB, (HCD-X7CDB), CMT-X7CD, (HCD-X7CD), CMT-EX90, (HCD-EX90), MHC-FR1, (HCD-FR1), MHC-FR10, (HCD-FR10), MHC-F50, (HCD-F50), MHC-F100, (HCD-F100), MHC-F150, (HCD-F150), MHC-EX50, (HCD-EX50), MHC-EX70AV, (HCD-EX70AV), WHG-CX5iP, (HCD-CX5iP).

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