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Sony Belt (Loading) 4-227-025-01

Sony Belt (Loading) 4-227-025-01

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Manufacturer: Sony

Manufacturer Part No: 422702501, 4-227-025-01

Description: Original MiniDisc Loading Belt

Condition: New

Compatible Model: CHC-CL5MD, HCD-MD595, CMT-C5, HCD-PX333, CMT-C7NT, HCD-PX5, CMT-CP500K, HCD-VZ50MD, CMT-CP500MD, HCD-ZX50MD, CMT-CP505MD, HMC-NX5MD, CMT-DC500MD, MDS-E10, CMT-M100MD, MDS-E12, CMT-M333NT, MDS-JB940, CMT-M373NT, MDS-JB980, CMT-M700DVD, MDS-JE440, CMT-PX333, MDS-JE470, CMT-PX5, MDS-JE480, CMT-SE9, MDS-JE640, DHC-MD595, MDS-JE770, DHC-NX5MD, MDS-JE780, DHC-VZ50MD, MDS-LSA1, HCD-C5, MDS-NT1, HCD-C7NT, MDS-PC3, HCD-CL5MD, MDS-S50, HCD-CP500MD, MDS-S9, HCD-CP505, MDS-SE9, HCD-J300, MXD-D4, HCD-M10, MXD-D40, HCD-M333, MXD-D400, HCD-M373, MXD-D5C, HCD-M700, and many more. 

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