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Technics Belt SFGBC10-01 SFGB172-51

Technics Belt SFGBC10-01 SFGB172-51

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Manufacturer: Panasonic

Manufacturer Part No(s): SFGBC10-01, SFGB172-51

Known Model No: SL-2, SL-3, SL-5, SL-6, SL-7, SL-10, SL-15, SL-D4, SL-1600, SL-1610, SL-1710, SL-DL1, SL-DL5, SL-J1, SL-J2, SL-J3, SL-J11, SL-J110, SL-J300, SL-L1, SL-L2, SL-L3, SL-L20, SL-M3, SL-N15, SL-Q1, SL-Q5, SL-Q15, SL-QL1, SL-QL5, SL-QL15, SL-Q33, SL-V5 and many more...

Description: Square section linear tracking tonearm belt

Country of Manufacture: Japan

Condition: Brand New

Pack size: 1

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