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Pro-Ject Turntable Drive Belt (Standard)

Pro-Ject Turntable Drive Belt (Standard)

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This is what's called the 'Standard' Drive Belt as it fits most Pro-Ject turntables. Drive Belts are used on all Pro-Ject turntables as the method by which the turntable platter rotates. In many cases, the belt turns the sub-platter, which sits underneath the main platter.

Perfom's precision-machined neoprene drive belt is manufactured in Germany to Pro-Ject's original specifications. Replace your worn-out drive belt with one that is of the correct size, that provides the right tension and grip while maintaining the perfect pitch.

You will receive an IPA cleaning swab and maintenance instructions to ensure you get the best performance from your new drive belt.

Before purchasing please ensure that your exact model is listed below.

  • Debut II (all varieties)
  • Debut III (all varieties)
  • Debut III E
  • Debut SE (not S/E3)
  • Debut Carbon
  • Debut Carbon Esprit SB
  • 0.5
  • 1.2
  • 1.2E
  • 1.2 Comfort
  • 2
  • Xpression I, II & III
  • Xpression II Comfort
  • Xpression Carbon/UKX
  • 2.9 Classic
  • 2.9 Wood
  • 6
  • 6.9
  • RPM 4
  • RPM 5 / RPM 5.2 / RPM 5 Superpack
  • RPM 6
  • RPM 6SB
  • RPM 6.1SB
  • Juke Box
  • The Classic (all varieties)
  • Debut III S Audiophile

PLEASE NOTE: It will not fit RPM 9, RPM 10, Xperience or Juke Box E/S2

Manufacturer: Perform Research

Manufacturer Part No: PR 1940 675 05

Pack Size: 1

Condition: Brand New 

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