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Dual Turntable Pitch Belt By Perform

Dual Turntable Pitch Belt By Perform

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The original toothed belt has now been discontinued from production, we now supply a proven and tested replacement pitch belt manufactured from a unique and complex polychloroprene formula a material that exhibits good chemical stability and maintains flexibility over a wide temperature range that replaces the old Dual (toothed) pitch belt.

Compatible with the following Dual Turntable: CS 505, CS 505-1, CS 505-2, CS 505-3, CS 505-4, CS 506, CS 506-1, CS 508, CS 510, CS 521 CS 522, CS 528, CS 601, CS 1237, CS 1242, CS 1254, CS 1256, CS 1257, CS 1258, CS 1264

Installation: The two belts supplied will be used together by placing one on the other (see second image).

Manufacturer: Perform Research. England

Manufacturer Part No: 17982420, E00800

Country of Manufacturer: England

Condition: Brand New

Pack Size: 2 Belts

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