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Sony No Power On - LED Blinking 2 Times - Repair Kit

Sony No Power On - LED Blinking 2 Times - Repair Kit

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KDL-46EX720 KDL-46EX721 KDL-46EX723 KDL-46EX725 KDL-46EX726 KDL-46EX727 KDL-46EX728 KDL-46EX729, KDL-46X720 KDL-46NX723 KDL-46NX725 KDL-46HX820 KDL-46HX823 KDL-46HX825


The set may not power up at all (no picture and LED blinking 2 times) or LED error 2 may occur intermittently


Defective resistors on power supply board


Check the power supply board and serial number. Only applicable for serial numbers below the range shown below

Board: (TV)-G5AW, Label 1-474-307-1, Serial number below 1108AB014884

Board: (TV)-G5D, Label 1-474-209-11, Serial number below 1109AB200001

Then change 4 x resistors R6541, R6542, R6537, and R6538 (SMD) with improved type supplied

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