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Linn Rega Motor Upgrade Vibration Isolation Damper

Linn Rega Motor Upgrade Vibration Isolation Damper

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For use with Premotec and Airpax 9904 111 series motors used in Linn, Rega, and Nad Turntables.

Known Motor No: 9904 111 31813, 9904 111 31829, 9904 111 31823, 9904-111-31104.

Made from 3.2 mm thick sound absorbing material which exhibits good chemical stability, Cut to the same dimensions as the motor. The modification barrier absorbs much of the vibrational energy produced by the motor and dissipates the energy stopping the vibration from resonating through the turntable plinth and into the signal path.

Simply unbolt the motor and sandwich the barrier between the motor and the chassis. The isolation barrier has good compression performance and will reduce in size once bolted into place (acts like memory foam). One side of the barrier has a tacky surface so alignment is easier before installation. Now supplied with a larger hole so there is no need to remove the pulley to install the barrier.

In some circumstances the motor pulley height may need to be adjusted, this is usually a very quick and easy process. However, through research, this hasn't been an issue.

Supplied with a nut and bolt kit containing lock nuts. The locking nuts prevent from applying to much pressure to the barrier and will never loosen under vibration from the motor.

Condition: New

Manufacturer: Perform

Country/Region of Manufacture: UK, Leicestershire

Perform Products - are manufactured exclusively for Spared Parts UK. Products with improved application properties.

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