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SME 3009 RCA Phono Earth Ground Wire

SME 3009 RCA Phono Earth Ground Wire

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Ground Wire for SME Series II Improved Models 3009 and 3009/S2

The ground earth wire cable is made from high-quality 24AWG gauge tinned-copper cable, and features double-crimp and soldered fork terminals, meaning that both the outer insulator and inner conductor are crimped, producing a far stronger and more durable connection than a single-crimp terminal where only the conductor is crimped, which can easily break over time due to the strain from flexing. The terminals on our cable are then covered in an adhesive-lined heat shrink, creating a sealed joint to prevent moisture/ingression.

The cable has two fork terminals 75.0cm apart and a single 1.5M with an open wire end. Every turntable needs proper grounding, otherwise, an electrical hum may be induced. - If a turntable is not properly grounded, it may have a different reference potential than the connected amplifier. Consequently, these potential differences induce a compensating current which can be heard as a hum. Therefore all good turntables have a separate ground cable that can be connected to standard amplifiers or phono-stages, which usually have a ground terminal. This way different potentials are equalised and the hum is no longer audible.

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