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Nad 533 Turntable Ball Bearing Original

Nad 533 Turntable Ball Bearing Original

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Select from the original turntable ball bearing or the high-performance Zirconia Oxide Ceramic ball bearing upgrade.

The high-grade bearing is extremely smooth and perfectly round which is vital for low friction (low noise) rotation of the Nad platter. Low friction/noise means better, quieter sound quality from the turntable.

The oil is a sophisticated, fully synthetic oil providing a perfect coefficient of friction. It's recommended to apply 2-3 drops of oil every 2000 hours of operation. Supplied, 12ml Bottle with applicator nozzle (Child-resistant)

Manufacturer: NAD Electronics (Original Ball Bearing)

Manufacturer: Perform (Ceramic Ball Bearing)

Condition: New

Pack Size: 1

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