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Panasonic Technics AN6682 Pitch Control IC301

Panasonic Technics AN6682 Pitch Control IC301

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The original AN6682 IC used has now been discontinued by Panasonic and replaced with the official kit SUKV000031. The new pitch control PCB kit includes I.C. PCB, Screw, Spacer, and instructions.

Manufacturer: Panasonic

Manufacturer Part No: SUKV000031

Compatible Model No: SL-1025, SL-1200, SL-120, SL-1210, SL-1600, SL-1610, SL-1700, SL-1710, SL-1800, SL-1810, SL-M1, SL-M2, SL-M3, SL-P16, SL-P8, SL-QX200, SL-QX300, SP-25, XQ-2400

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