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Technics Ground Earth Wire SFEL028-01E

Technics Ground Earth Wire SFEL028-01E

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Genuine Technics Turntable Earth Wire SFEL028-01E for SL-1200, SL-1210

It is essential for eliminating ground noise and ensuring optimal performance of your turntable.

Product Features:

  • Genuine Panasonic replacement part

  • Eliminates ground noise

  • Ensures optimal performance of your Technics turntable

Manufacturer: Panasonic

Brand: Technics

Manufacturer Part Number: SFEL028-01E

Compatible Model No:

LAB-270, LAB-390, RD-2900, RD-3500, RD-3600, SL-1000MK3, SL-1015, SL-1025, SL-1200, SL-1200MK2, SL-120MK2, SL-1300MK2, SL-1301, SL-1310MK2, SL-1350, SL-1360, SL-1400, SL-1400MK2, SL-1401, SL-1410, SL-1410MK2, SL-1411, SL-150, SL-1500, SL-1500MK2, SL-1501, SL-150MK2, SL-1510, SL-1510MK2, SL-151MK2, SL-1600, SL-1600MK2, SL-1610MK2, SL-1650, SL-1700, SL-1700MK2, SL-1710, SL-1710MK2, SL-18, SL-1800, SL-1800MK2, SL-1810, SL-1810MK2, SL-19, SL-1900, SL-1910, SL-1950, SL-1960, SL-19, SL-20, SL-200, SL-2000, SL-210, SL-211, SL-22, SL-220, SL-221, SL-23, SL-230, SL-231, SL-235, SL-236, SL-23, SL-303, SL-3100, SL-3110, SL-3200, SL-3210, SL-3300, SL-3310, SL-3350, SL-5100, SL-5200, SL-5300, SL-5310, SL-5350, SL-B1, SL-B2, SL-B3, SL-B5, SL-B500, SL-D1, SL-D2, SL-D202, SL-D205, SL-D303, SL-D33, SL-D500, SL-H301, SL-H302, SL-H303, SL-H304, SL-H401, SL-M1, SL-M2, SL-MA1, SL-Q2, SL-Q20, SL-Q202, SL-Q21, SL-Q212, SL-Q3, SL-Q30, SL-Q303, SL-Q33, SP-10MK2, SP-10MK3, SP-15, SP-25 and many more…

Every turntable needs the correct grounding, otherwise electrical hum may be induced. If a turntable is not properly grounded, it may have a different reference potential than the connected amplifier. Consequently, these potential differences induce a compensating current which can be heard as a hum. Therefore all good turntables have a separate ground cable which can be connected to standard amplifiers or phono-stages, which usually have a ground terminal. This way different potentials are equalised and the hum is no longer audible. Start enjoying your music again!

An additional earth lead should be used when... You have an earth hum (or buzz) through your system, even when the earth lead is connected between your turntable and phono stage/amplifier. Your turntable has a carbon fibre tonearm. Carbon fibre is an ideal material for a tonearm, as it is hard and lightweight - however, it is not as efficient as a conductor, when compared to other metals, so it can in some instances lead to insufficient ground.

Additional earth leads should not be used when... The noise generated is due to electrical interference from the turntable motor or other equipment. The earth noise disappears when you touch the tonearm tube. This more likely indicates an issue with the tonearm wiring. The earth lead is not connected between your turntable and the phono stage/amplifier. In the vast majority of cases, this is a sufficient way to fully ground the turntable.

Compatible Model List Panasonic ECW-H12473JV Datasheet

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