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CDA Microwave Wave Guide Cover

CDA Microwave Wave Guide Cover

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Manufacturer: CDA

Manufacturer Part No: 1015815

Compatible Model No: VM201SS, VM231SS VM231BL, VM451SS, VM551SS

Pack Size: 1

Condition: Brand New

When to replace a microwave wave guard cover It is possible that your wave guard cover can become damaged during everyday use. Over time the waveguide cover can absorb, or become splattered by fat or food. This may cause the cover to become soft, overly flexible or even overheat/burn, causing sparking around the waveguide cover during use. You need to replace the waveguide cover if it has fallen off, has a hole in it, or has any signs of burning or damage. A faulty or damaged wave guard cover can cause your microwave to cook your food unevenly.

The purpose of a microwave wave guard cover is to shield the opening through which the microwaves enter the oven cavity. The Magnetron produces microwaves behind the control panel and the wave guard cover prevents food particles and moisture from getting into the internal workings of the microwave. During use or cleaning your wave guard cover can become damaged.

In the interest of consumer safety wave guards should only be fitted by a suitably qualified person with the machine disconnected from the mains supply.

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