Sony ICF Series World Radio Repair Kits



ICF-SW1, ICF-SW55, ICF-SW77, ICF-SW7600, ICF-PRO70, ICF-PRO80, ICF-5900w 

It's No Secret, Sony used 85°C working capacitors at the time of production which are prone to failure over time. This was no design error. It was the best available components to use at the time of design and production. All our kits are supplied with premium-grade 105°C electrolytic capacitor.

Each kit comes with Illustrated instructions with colour-coded component location guide and a free PDF copy of the service manual, which you will receive via the secure download page.

Some of the fault symptoms that can present themselves when the capacitors dry up are loss of audio and/or signal strength, tuning difficulties, and motorboating noise.

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