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Yamaha Pilot Lamps (LED Upgrade)

Yamaha Pilot Lamps (LED Upgrade)

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Complete LED lamp kits for Yamaha receivers

Benefits of using LED is they have a longer lifespan than original incandescent lamps and produce cleaner backlighting.

Kit (A) CA-410, CA-510, CA-610, CA-610II, CA-710, CA-710II, CA-V2
Kit (B) A-1, A-760, A-960, C-4, CR-220, CR-420, M-2, M-3, M-4, M-80, M-85
Kit (C) CR-1000, CR-400, CR-600, CR-620, CR-800, CR-820, CR-840, MX-50, MX-600, MX-70, MX-800, MX-1000, CR-1020, CR-2020, CR-3020
Kit (D) MX-10000, MX-2000
Kit (E) P2200, PC2002M, PC4002M, PC5002M  "Special Order"
Kit (F) CT-1010,  CT-410,  CT-510, CT-600, CT-610, CT-800, CT-810
Kit (G) CR-1040, CR-2040  "Special Order"
Kit (H) CA-810, CA-1010, CA-2010, CA-2000, CA-1000III "Special Order"

Kit (I)  M-45, M-50, M-65, M-70

LED Colour: White

Condition: Brand New

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