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Vestel 17PW26 Capacitor Component Kit 37-42"

Vestel 17PW26 Capacitor Component Kit 37-42"

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For use with 17PW26-1, 17PW26-3, 17PW26-4, 17PW26-5

Signs that the capacitors are defective and need replacing are:

Bulged / domed on top or underneath (Most common sign!)

Black fluid leaking from top

Clicking noise from inside the TV

Buzzing noise  Intermittent power to TV (Turning itself off after time)

Kit Contents:

C863 1000uF 16V, C851 1000uF 16V, C860 2200uF 6.3V,

C818 2700uF 16V.

(All High-Grade Capacitors/Upgraded to prevent further failure)

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