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Panasonic TNPA5335 SC (Y-Sustain) Repair Kit

Panasonic TNPA5335 SC (Y-Sustain) Repair Kit

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Manufacturer: Panasonic

Model No: TXP50VT30, TXP50GT30, TXP50ST30, TXP50C3E

Fault symptoms: LED flashing (error code) 4, 5 or 7 times.

Important: If there is a short circuit across C842 on the Y-Sustain board this kit will not work.

Reason: Failure of  components on SC board (Y-Sustain) TNPA5335 Versions BH/BG only

Remedy: Check and replace all components supplied in this kit D401, D421, Q401, Q402, Q403, Q421, Q422, Q423, Q531, IC502

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