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Technics SL1200 SL1210 Power Regulation Repair Kit


Various problems can be cured by fitting this kit such as no power, pulsing lights / LED's, erratic or no rotation of platter.

Assuming the fuse(s) and bridge rectifier has been checked, please follow below instructions

Kit Contents:

1x 2SD1265 Transistor (Q1) Voltage regulator

2x 2SD637 (Q2, Q3) Power Protection Circuit, no power

1x MA1051M Diode (D3) Normally causes dipping drive and strobe light

1x 2SC1846 Voltage regulator (Q201) No power or strobe

We can't guarantee this kit will cure your specific problem but it is a good place to start.

Not all parts maybe faulty, however, we recommend you change all the parts supplied to prevent further failure of individual components.

All the above parts are Manufacturer Original and upgraded for improved reliability. This kit is not designed by Panasonic/Technics. Kit designed by

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