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Sony KHM313CAA/C2RP Traverse Optical Base (882032105)

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Manufacturer: Sony

Manufacturer Part No: 8-820-321-05

Model Code: HCD-Z110, HCD-DZ111, HCD-DZ120, HCD-DZ410, HCD-DZ280, HCD-MX500I, HCD-MX550I, HCD-MX750NI, DAV-DZ111, DAV-DZ230, DAV-DZ280, DAV-DZ410, DAV-DZ500, DAV-DZ530, DAV-DZ531W, DAV-DZ830, DAV-TZ135, DVP-NS30, DVP-NS355, DVP-NS708H, DVP-NS718H, HBD-TZ135, HCD-DZ230, HCD-DZ260, HCD-DZ300, HCD-DZ410, HCD-DZ500F, HCD-DZ630, HCD-DZ700FW, HCD-DZ830W, HCD-MX550I, HCD-MX750NI, KHM313CAA, DAV-DZ330, HBD-DZ330, CMT-MX550I, DVP-NS39

Condition: New

Important: Remove anti-static link from the optical head before use.

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