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Sharp 17MB60/17MB61/17MB62 No Sound (Repair Kit)

Sharp 17MB60/17MB61/17MB62 No Sound (Repair Kit)

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Symptoms: Loss of sound after 15 minutes or when changing channels

Cause: The sensitivity of the audio IC U168 may be incorrect

Action: Change the value of audio coupling capacitors C1075, C1076, C1077, C1078 and I.C.U168.

Kit contents:
2 x C1075
2 x C1076
2 x C1077
2 x C1078
1 x U168

8 capacitors are supplied due to their size.

Model No: LC32LE140, LC32LE240E, LC32D12EA, LC32SH340E, LC40SH340E, LC40F22EA, LC40LE510E

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