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Sega Game Gear Replacement Capacitor Kit

Sega Game Gear Replacement Capacitor Kit

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20 Peice Kit

The capacitors in this kit can be used to replace faulty capacitors in Sega Game Gear VA1 and VA2 model motherboards and their sound boards. Installing this kit will fix no power a dim, blank or stripy picture on the Game Gear screen and fix no sound or quiet sound issues.

Whats in the kit: 20 x High grade Panasonic Capacitors.

4x 100µF - 6.3V, 1x 100µF - 4V, 1x 68µF - 6.3V, 2x 47µF 4V, 1x 33µF - 6.3V, 1x 22µF - 6.3V, 4x 10µF - 16V, 1x 4.7µF- 35V, 2x 0.47µF - 50V

Please ensure that the Game Gear you plan to repair with this capacitor kit is either has a VA1 or VA2 motherboard before purchasing this kit, this kit is not suitable for later generation and limited edition Sega Game Gears.

It is not uncommon to have some capacitors that are unused after installation of the capacitor kit, this is to ensure that the capacitor kit can be used to repair as many Game Gears as possible.

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