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Samsung BD Deck Assembly Complete AK96-01192J

Samsung BD Deck Assembly Complete AK96-01192J

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    Item no longer obtainable from manufacturer
    • Former part number AK96-01214J

    Model Code

    Model Code HT-C5200/EDC HT-C5200/XEE HT-C5200/XEF HT-C5200/XEN HT-C5200/XEU HT-C5500/EDC HT-C5500/XAO HT-C5500/XAX HT-C5500/XAZ HT-C5500/XCH HT-C5500/XEE HT-C5500/XEF HT-C5500/XEN HT-C5500/XER HT-C5500/XEU HT-C5500/XFA HT-C5500/XSA HT-C5500/XSH HT-C5500D/XEU HT-C5530/EDC HT-C5530/XEE HT-C5530/XEF HT-C5530/XEN HT-C5530/XEU HT-C5530W/TSE HT-C5530W/XME HT-C5530W/XSA HT-C5530W/XSS HT-C5550 HT-C5550/EDC HT-C5550/HAC HT-C5550/XEE HT-C5550/XEF HT-C5550/XER HT-C5550/XEU HT-C5550/XSE HT-C5550W/MEA HT-C5550W/STR HT-C5550W/TSE HT-C5550W/XAO HT-C5550W/XAP HT-C5550W/XAX HT-C5550W/XAZ HT-C5550W/XBG HT-C5550W/XCH HT-C5550W/XFA HT-C5550W/XME HT-C5550W/XSA HT-C5550W/XSE HT-C5550W/XSH HT-C5550W/XSS HT-C5800/EDC HT-C5800/XEE HT-C5800/XEF HT-C5800/XEN HT-C5800/XEU HT-C5900/EDC HT-C5900/XEE HT-C5900/XEF HT-C5900/XEN HT-C5900/XEU HT-C6930W/EDC HT-C6930W/XEE HT-C6930W/XEF HT-C6930W/XEN HT-C6930W/XEU HT-C6930W/XTR

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