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Samsung DVD Optical Port Input Socket 0603-001164

Samsung DVD Optical Port Input Socket 0603-001164

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Manufacturer: Samsung

Manufacturer Part No: 0603-001164

Model No: AV-R601, AV-R610, AV-R620, AV-R710, AV-R720, HT-A100, HT-AS1, HT-AS610, HT-AS710, HT-AS710, HT-BD1220, HT-BD1250, HT-BD1252, HT-BD1255, HT-BD2, HT-BD7200, HT-BD8200, HT-C350, HT-C420, HT-C450, HT-C450N, HT-C453, HT-C453N, HT-C460, HT-C550, HT-C553, HT-C555, HT-P1200, HT-P70, HT-Q100, HT-Q100, HT-SB1G, HT-TP33, HT-TX35, HT-TX715, HT-TZ212, HT-TZ215, HT-TZ222, HT-TZ225, HT-TZ315, HT-TZ325, HT-UP30, HT-WS1G, HT-X200, HT-X250, HT-X30, HT-X710, HT-X715, HT-X720G, HT-X725G, HT-XA100, HT-XQ100, HT-XQ100, HT-XQ100, HT-Z220, HT-Z310, HT-Z320, HW-C450, HW-C470, HW-C500, HW-C560S, HW-C700, HW-C770S

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