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Samsung AH94-02862A Power Supply Board

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According to the manufacturer, the article has been discontinued. Therefore, at present Spared Parts can no longer supply this article.

Model Code UK: HT-E6500/XU, HT-E6750W/XU

Model Code Worldwide: HT-E6500/EN, HT-E6500/XE, HT-E6500/XN, HT-E6500/XU, HT-E6500/ZF, HT-E6500W/ZA, HT-E6530/ZC, HT-E6730W/XE, HT-E6730W/ZA, HT-E6730W/ZC, HT-E6750W/EN, HT-E6750W/PE, HT-E6750W/RU, HT-E6750W/SJ, HT-E6750W/SW, HT-E6750W/TK, HT-E6750W/XA, HT-E6750W/XD, HT-E6750W/XE, HT-E6750W/XL, HT-E6750W/XM, HT-E6750W/XN, HT-E6750W/XP, HT-E6750W/XS, HT-E6750W/XT, HT-E6750W/XU, HT-E6750W/XV, HT-E6750W/XY, HT-E6750W/XZ, HT-E6750W/ZD, HT-E6750W/ZF, HT-E6750W/ZK, HT-E6750W/ZL, HT-E6750W/ZN, HT-E6750W/ZP, HT-E6750W/ZS, HT-E6750W/ZW, HT-E6750W/ZX, HT-E6759W/ZG

Part Code: AH94-02862A

Condition: New

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