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Panasonic 5N2307 Transistor 100W TZS9EK082 B1DFKM000002 - Spared Parts UK

Panasonic 5N2307 Transistor 100W TZS9EK082 B1DFKM000002

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Panasonic 5N2307 Transistor Field Effect 100W B1DFKM000002 - TZS9EK082

Model Code: TH-42PY700F, TH-42PY700P, TH-42PY70EY, TH-42PY70F, TH-42PY70P, TH-42PZ700B, TH-42PZ700E, TH-42PZ70B, TH-42PZ70E, TH-R42PY70, TH-R42PY700

Fault: After switch on, unit shuts down with power LED flashing 7 times.

Remedy: Check and Replace the failed or leaky FETs 5N2307 Transistors on SC Board.

Transistor location(s): Q6641 - Q6646 - Q6695 - Q6696 - Q6648 - Q6649 - Q6651 - Q6642 - Q6653 - Q6654

Pack Size: 1

This modification kit is designed by Panasonic and any repair depends on you own experience and fault finding ability. We strongly advise all of our customers that parts for internal use must be diagnose and fitted by an experienced engineer. Parts often fail because of related components failure and correct diagnosis is the only way to carry out a successful repair.

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