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Ortofon Concorde Q.Bert Gold Cartridge 10th Anniversary

Ortofon Concorde Q.Bert Gold Cartridge 10th Anniversary

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Q.Bert Gold Anniversary Limited Edition

Ortofon and Thud Rumble present the Q.Bert x OSGEMEOS Concorde cartridge

Exclusively designed E.T. character on top and "THUD RUMBLE" and "OSGEMEOS" tags on both sides of the cartridge. Features the exact "industry standard" audio specifications of DJ Q.Bert's Concordes with the deluxe allure of Gold.

The Q.Bert has a supreme ability to trace the grooves of your records and it is tailored specifically for scratch.

Due to its enormous output, it is perfect for scratch of all music with deep bass frequencies.

Certificate of Authenticity

Certificate of Authenticity with one-of-a-kind intergalactic art piece by OSGEMEOS; exclusively designed only for this 10th Anniversary project. Only 500 were made for this celebration.

Printed on premium card stock, individually numbered and signed by DJ Q.Bert, OSGEMEOS and Ortofon CEO, Christen H. Nielsen.

Suede Case

An Ortofon, Exclusive, elegant blue suede cartridge case with Gold trim contains the cartridge, stylus, stylus guards and stylus brush.

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