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NAD C-370 Protection Circuit Capacitor Kit C370

£6.95 £14.00

Kit Contents: 4 x High Grade Panasonic Electrolytic Radial Capacitors

C783 4.7uf 50v 85°c   (Now supplied 4.7uf 63v @ 105°c)

C784 47uf 50v 85°c   (Now supplied 47uf 63v @ 105°c)

C785 10uf 50v 85°c     (Now supplied 10uf 63v @ 105°c)

C781 330uv 16v 85°c (Now supplied 330uf 16v @105°c)

With the new upgraded capacitors now supplied. There is no need to reverse the mounting of D721 and R779 to prevent heat dissipation affecting the capacitors.

The marks down from £14 to £6.95 reflects on a copycat on eBay. We have always sold this kit at £6.95.

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