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Panasonic Fan 3110RL-04W-S19 L6FAYYYH0050

Panasonic Fan 3110RL-04W-S19 L6FAYYYH0050

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Manufacturer: Panasonic

Manufacturer Part No: L6FAYYYH0050

Manufacturer Model No: TH42PZ80, TH46PZ80, TH50PZ80, TH42PZ81, TH46PZ81, TH50PZ81, TH42PZ83, TH46PZ83, TH50PZ83, TH42PZ85, TH46PZ85, TH50PZ85, TH42PZ70, TH46PZ70, TH50PZ70, TH42PZ700, TH46PZ700, TH50PZ700, TH42PH10, TH-50PH10, TH42PX60, TH50PX60, TH42PZ85, TH50PZ85, TH50PZ850

Description: Fan, 12v DC 0.10A (3110RL-04W-S19)

Condition: Brand New

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