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Capacitor Repair Kit For Samsung LCD TV Clicking

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Kit Contents: 5 x 25v 1000uF 105°C High Temperature Radial Electrolytic Capacitors

These capacitors will replace any Radial Electrolytic 1000uF capacitor with a value of 25v or below.

Replaces 6.3v, 10v, 16v and 25v capacitors of 1000uF capacitance that have failed on the PCB. (Recommended for the replacement of any 1000uF capacitor with a voltage rating of 25v or below).

In some cases, the capacitors may not look bulged though still prove to be faulty and require replacement. The plastic sleeve covering may appear to have shrunk and or seepage from the capacitor may be visible.

Signs of a failed capacitor:  Faulty or failing capacitors can cause the following symptoms:  Buzzing or clicking from within the TV set.  Bulged / domed on top or underneath of the capacitor.  The plastic sleeve covering may appear to have shrunk.  Black fluid leaking from the top.  Intermittent power to TV (Turning itself off after a period of time).  Discoloration.

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