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Whirlpool C00312230 Wave Guard Cover

Whirlpool C00312230 Wave Guard Cover

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Manufacturer: Whirlpool

Manufacturer Part No: C00312230

Model No: JT359INOX1, JT366BL1, JT366BL2, JT366BL3, JT366BL4, JT366BL5, JT366SL1, JT366SL2, JT366SL3, JT366SL4, JT366SL5, JT368MIR1, JT368MIR2, JT368MIR3, JT369BL1, JT369BL3, JT369BL4, JT369BL5, JT369BL6, JT369BL7, JT369MIR1, JT369MIR2, JT369MIR3, JT369MIR4, JT369MIR5, JT369SL1, JT369SL3, JT369SL4, JT369SL5, JT369SL6, JT369SL7, JT469SL1

When to replace a microwave wave guard cover

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