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Techspray Desoldering Braid (PRO WICK) 1802-100F

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To insure quality and reliable service, Techspray starts with only the finest oxygen-free and oil-free fine gauge wire. Their 100% copper wick is then coated with flux, which cleans connections thoroughly during desoldering to insure maximum solderability. This thin coating of flux also provides dependable, long-lasting protection from oxidation.

Features and Benefits include:

Pure Rosin Type R Flux, Advanced Braid Design

Width: 1.4mm/.055" (#2)

Length: 30m/100'

Order Code: 60205447

Other Benefits: Their fine braid design has a strong capillary action that works instantly to pull in excess solder. In addition, the large surface area created by the one-over-one under construction enhances absorption and trapping of molten solder.

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