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Samsung Repair Kit BN44-00197A SIP408A

Samsung Repair Kit BN44-00197A SIP408A

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Manufacturer: Samsung

Board No: BN44-00197A, SIP408A

Fault Symptoms: Stuck standby / Chirping, ticking noise / Taking a long time to come on

Kit Contents: 6 x Premium grade electrolytic capacitors

Circuit Reference Capacitance Voltage
CM812 220UF 25V 105
CM810 470UF 16V 105
CM804 1000UF 25V 105
CM806 1000UF 25V 105
CM809 1000UF 25V 105
CM812 1000UF  25V 105

Before ordering the kit: Due to slight differences between boards please check the circuit references above to ensure they match. All components located the top right-hand corner of power board (next to the heat sink).

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