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LG RZ37LZ55 Power Supply Repair Kit 6709900002A

LG RZ37LZ55 Power Supply Repair Kit 6709900002A

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Power supply failure is very common on this model, normally a loud bang will be heard and thereafter the set will be stuck in standby or be completely dead.

Manufacturer: LG Electronics

Board No: 6709900002A

Kit Contents:

1 x F901 Fuse T5A 250v
1 x IC904 STR-T2268
1 x C920 Capacitor 220nF 50v
1 x C921 Capacitor 4.7uF 16v
1 x C924 Capacitor 1uF 16v
1 x R920 Resistor 330R
1 x ZD911 1N5226B 3.3v Zener diode

All components are individually bagged and labeled with their representative circuit reference numbers.

Technical Datasheet:  Panasonic ECW-H12473JV Datasheet

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