Why is my Gtech Vacuum Cleaner not turning on?

Is your Gtech harder to switch on or off or not at all? It's most likely the on off tactile switch that is a fault. This is a common fault on aging Gtech Vacuum cleaners.

A new and improved switch is now available for the service of your Gtech Upright and Handheld Vacuum cleaner.

Upright Vacuum Switch

AR01 - AR02 - AR03 - AR05 - AR09 - AR20 - AR21 - AR29 - AR30 - AR46 - K9 - K9 Mk2 - DM001

Handheld Vacuum Switch

ATF006 - ATF011 - ATF024 - ATF035 - ATF036 


Upright Vacuum Switch                             Handheld Vacuum Switch