Toshiba changes the SSD game

Toshiba has unveiled what it describes as a ‘game-changing’ category of SAS SSDs expected to replace SATA SSDs in server applications

The RM5 12Gbit/s value SAS (vSAS) series features capacity, performance, reliability, and manageability and data security advantages – at a price that obsoletes SATA SSDs, claims Toshiba.

A homogeneous SAS environment has long been the gold standard for enterprise server and storage systems.

With vertical integration expertise in flash technology, firmware and controller design, Toshiba Memory Corporation leveraged its position in SAS SSD to close the cost gap with SATA – and usher in a new class of SSDs.

SATA simply cannot compete with SAS, says Toshiba, falling short in terms of performance, robustness, and encryption options.

“Designed with affordability and server applications in mind, the compnay RM5 vSAS series seeks to provide a cost effective and much higher performing solution to overcome the bottlenecks that are inherent with SATA today,” Comments Paul Rowan, General Manager for the SSD unit at Toshiba Memory Europe.

Where SATA drives often use SAS expanders to scale out, the RM5 enables the use of native SAS from end-to-end, eliminating the need for protocol translation to SATA. Customers can now take full advantage of SAS’s richer feature set and realise performance throughput superiority over SATA.

Featuring Toshiba Memory Corporation’s BiCS FLASH TLC (3-bit-per-cell) 3D flash memory, the RM5 series will initially be available in capacities up to 7.68TB with a single 12Gbit/s port, SFF-8639 connector and in a 2.5-inch form factor. Sample shipments to OEM customers started  in limited quantities, and the company will gradually increase shipments from the third calendar quarter of 2018.

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