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Technics Earth Wire SFDLJ11N01E By Perform


The original manufacturer part has now been discontinued from Panasonic stock. Our replacement has been custom made from thicker more durable cable/wire than original to supply a better quality replacement earth cable.

The Turntable Ground / Earth wire cable is made from high-quality 22AWG gauge tinned-copper cable, and features double-crimp fork terminals, meaning that both the outer insulator, and inner conductor are crimped, producing a far stronger and more durable connection than a single-crimp terminal where only the conductor is crimped, which can easily break over time due to the strain from flexing.

The terminals on our cable are then covered in an adhesive-lined heat-shrink, creating a sealed joint to prevent moisture/ingression into the crimped joint.

Cable length: 1.2 Meters - 3.93 Foot

Manufacturer former part No: SFDLJ11N01E, SJPB7M

Known Model Codes: 

SL20, SL-22, SL-22, SL-5E, SL-B10, SL-B100, SL-B20, SL-B200, SL-B21, SL-B280, SL-B30, SL-B300, SL-B31, SL-B310, SL-B35, SL-B92, SL-BD1, SL-BD10, SL-BD20, SL-BD22, SL-BD280, SL-BD3, SL-BD3, SL-BD35, SL-BL3, SL-D20, SL-D210, SL-D30, SL-D33, SL-D5, SL-DD20, SL-DD22, SL-DD33, SL-DL5, SL-J11, SL-J300, SL-J300R, SL-J33, SL-L2, SL-L20, SL-L24, SL-L25, SL-L26, SL-L28, SL-Q200, SL-Q210, SL-Q300, SL-Q350, SL-Q6, SL-QD22, SL-QD3, SL-QD33, SL-QD35, SL-QL15, SL-V5  and many more...

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