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NAD C 370 Protection Circuit Polymer Capacitor Kit


Symptoms: The amp goes into protection mode straight away at switch on or after being on for several minutes.

Reason: Defective aluminium electrolytic capacitor on the protection circuit board.

Cure: Replace the defective 85°c capacitors with the upgraded 125°c

Kit Contents: 4 x premium-grade Polymer Aluminium Capacitors

C784 47µF 50v 85°c (Now supplied 47µF 63v @ 125°c)
C785 10µF 50v 85°c (Now supplied 10µF 50v @ 125°c)
C783 4.7µF 50v 85°c (Now supplied 4.7µF 100v @ 125°c)
C781 330µF 16v 85°c (Now supplied 330µF 16v @125°c)
A free PDF copy of Nad C370 Service Manual

All components are individually bagged and labeled with their circuit reference numbers and each kit comes with a component location guide.

What are Polymer Capacitors and why are they more expensive: They are electrolytic capacitors with a solid-state electrolyte rather than a liquid electrolyte. The original capacitors fitted are prone to failure as they are a liquid state. By fitting a solid-state polymer electrolyte eliminates the risk of failure from leaking or drying out.

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