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Denon RCD-N8 Power Supply Kit

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Symptoms: Dead, no standby light

Cause: Failure of standby circuit IC871 "overheated"

Remedy: Check and replace the following components

Kit Contents: 12 piece component kit. ● R872/873/874 have been upgraded to prevent the failure of IC871.

    1 x IC871, ICE3BR1765J I.C
    1 x D871, 1N4007 Diode
    1 x D872, SMD Diode
    1 x D874, SMD Diode
    1 x C874, 47uf Capacitor
    1 x C875, 0.47uF Capacitor
    1 x R872, Resistor ● Upgraded
    1 x R873, Resistor ● Upgraded
    1 x R874, Resistor  Upgraded
    1 x D873, Zener Diode
    1 x SJ11, SMD 0R0 Link
    1 x PC871, SMD Optocoupler

    Supplied with a FREE PDF copy of the RCD-N8 service manual (Delivered via e-mail) 

    All components are individually bagged and labeled with their representative circuit reference numbers.

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