17PW15-8 Power Board Repair kit (fuse blowing / fuse black)

£16.50 VAT

This is an original manufacturer replacement part

This comprehensive lit contains 10 components which remedy's common fault of fuse blowing.


What's in the kit

F800     Fuse

IC802   Power factor I.C (SMD)

Q802    Mosfet Transistor

D824    Diode

R830    Resistor

IC806   Monolithic switcher I.C

IC801   Optocoupler I.C

IC825    I.C

D836    Zener diode (SMD)

D800    Bridge rectifier diode

IC829   Voltage reference I.C

Spared Parts recommend ordering by the manufacturer, part or model number whenever possible as other information is for guidance only.

We strongly advise our customers to seek advice from an experienced engineer in order to ensure the fault has been correctly diagnosed. An unsuccessful repair is often caused by a related component failure. Spared Parts will not exchange or refund any internal components that we believe have been fitted by an unqualified engineer.